The Daredevil Spider

The spider on his silken thread,
Hairy, small. And brown,
What a dancing daredevil-
He bungees up and down!

He glides across his high wire
Stretched out between the
Nimble feet-no wobble-
What a wondrous web he weaves!

Blue Bloods R Us

If you need a prince then just call us,
for royal match making is our game.
On our agency books
we’ve an array of good looks.
No two princes are ever the same.

We’ve got Arnie who fights fiery dragons;
Distressed maidens rescued from harm.
He’s a real cool bloke
charging through smoke
facing danger with no trace of alarm.

There’s Columbus who likes playing detective;
Remember Cinders who lost a glass shoe?
From Bo Peep’s sheep
to beauties’ asleep
he’ll solve mysteries from just a small clue.

There’s Harrison who’s terrific at climbing.
Take Rapunzel and her very long hair.
Most would faint out of fright
to scale such a height
and fly a plane to reach her by air.

Then Newt whose talent is shape shifting.
His repertoire, no one should miss.
You’ll be really agog
as he turns into a frog
and waits for a lady’s fond kiss.

You can see we’ve a glorious collection,
so call now without further delay.
If someone catches your eye
there is no need to be shy.
Just bag a Prince Charming today!


Twirly, whirly
The routine begins
Jump and leap with flipperty spins

Nimbly dancing as the music flows
Pirouette turns
Then strike a pose

Somersaults twist around in the air
Elastic gymnastics
Performed with such flair!

The audience gaps and then
gives a cheer
For those daredevil acrobats that have no fear!

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