Message In a Bottle

A bottle lay on the golden sand,
washed up by the rising tide.
Its cap was fastened on tightly
with an old paper folded inside.

Could it be an SOS from a sailor
gone missing, presumed lost at sea?
Now marooned on a desert island,
his only company is a coconut tree.  

Or is it an old pirate’s map
where X marks the end of the route?
Charting where a marauder has hidden
a treasure chest filled with his loot.

Or a message in code for smugglers
out to commit some dastardly crime?
They were caught in the flash of the light house
when the alarm was raised just in time.

Or was there a terrible sea serpent
that sank ships beneath the waves?
This page from a mariner’s journal
shows where wrecks lie in watery graves.

Perhaps it’s the words of a mermaid’s song
calling dolphins to come out and play.
Riding the surf, she sits on their backs
as they splash in the foamy spray.

To uncover this mystery I opened the cap.
Dear friend, you’ll never guess what I saw!
“Milkman, one pint today, thank you.
For payment please knock on the door!”

Lost Property at
the Railway Station

There’s an office at the railway
The door says Lost and Found
Eric, the station master runs it
He’ll show us all around.

“For those who’ve lost their voice
You’ll have to join that queue
Our guides match tone and pitch
Check speed and volume too

A lady’s lost her patience
Last night she lost some sleep
Bo Peep is now just leaving
At last she’s found her sheep

If you’ve a sense of humour
Which vanished for a while
Look in our laughter section
To regain your happy smile

Giggles stored in jars
Chuckles kept in a pot
Guffaws are packed in boxes
We’ve really got a lot!

Stand back! We’ve come to tempers
The loudest shelves of all
Grizzle, moan and shout
Outburst, vent and brawl!

So come right in and have a browse
There’s lots of new items in today
Sir, do you know where you are going?”
“Sorry, I think I’ve lost my way!”

You’ve Passed
With Flying Colours

You score 100 per cent in your math’s test.
See Pink launch high in the air,
whilst Grey glides around and around,
and Green shoots up in flares.

You win the gold medal for long jump.
Watch Purple looping the loop.
Blue dances from cloud to cloud,
as Yellow soars and swoops.

In your flute exam, you gain honours.
Mauve jumps around with a whee!
While Red twistingly tumbles,
Brown whizzes and whooshes with glee!

Your school report is double A starred.
White and Scarlet flit in and out.
Orange twinkles and flashes.
A fountain of Indigo sprays about.

Well done! You have been successful,
shown by this vibrant display.
You really are a winner! 
Three cheers: 
Hip, hip!  Hip, hip!  Hooray!

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